Putting an end to poison

Joe Abercrombie is putting an end to poison, with his company Humane Solutions Inc. an “Innovative, Eco-friendly, wildlife Management Company”, offering the only sustainable and ethical wildlife control in BC – and that’s not all they do…

Joe Abercrombie; President and founder of Humane Solutions Inc.

Joe has been in the Wildlife control industry since he was a kid. “…it’s what I’ve always done, my dad ran fishing lodges in northern Saskatchewan so I was always in the bush, just living that lifestyle and that’s kind of how I recreated as well.” In his early teens Joe worked for his Uncles wildlife control business, which specialized in urban predator management, and then scaled up to high industry like oil sands and pipelines. They were the first to marry contemporary safety standards with traditional wildlife management, so, “it was just a no brainer that I would branch off on my own eventually.” Says Joe.

But that experience and love for the outdoors is precisely what led to Joe’s passion for the environment and sustainability, and after graduating from Langara’s environmental studies program in 2016 (where he’s also been chosen as one of the 49 Langarans for his positive contributions to his field) he started Humane Solutions Inc. which has since taken off to become the leading Eco-friendly wildlife control in BC.

The way it works is quite simple: Joe describes the industry standard as being based off a model that “neglects addressing the root cause in order to convert your wildlife problem into source recurring revenue”. This model is not only expensive, but also leads to the use of pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, etc. that harm the environment. Instead, Human Solutions uses non-toxic, and lasting methods. “This is my means of making a difference, using my skill set and privilege”.

Here’s Joe describing the Industry standard

And in a time when sustainability and ethical business is not only gaining popularity but also becoming a necessity, Humane Solutions Inc. is leading the way with methods that are not only relevant to wildlife and pest control, but applicable to other industries as well. When I asked Joe if his methods could be transferred over to the conventional farming industry, for example, he said “yeah of course, we’re already doing it”. One of the ways they’re doing that is by selling bat boxes to farmers who could potentially reduce pesticide use up to 30%.

As a lover and advocate of entrepreneurship myself, and given how well Humane Solutions has done so far, I asked Joe to give some words of advice for young entrepreneurs starting out, he says this: “my advice would be to make sure you’re doing something you really wanna do and you’re passionate about…if you’re not passionate about [what you’re doing] it burns peoples souls up and they really wind up unhappy. Take a look at your competition and figure out how you’re different. If you’re singing the same song as every one of your competitors you’re gonna be banging your head against the wall….write a business plan, get it vetted. Small business BC offers really good programs for this, they’ll mentor you through it, then figure out how much capital you need to set up your base infrastructure – tools, trucks, tech, definitely website, lead generation funnel and a little buffer if things go south”

Humane Solutions Inc. is a great example of what one can achieve when they work hard, follow something they’re passionate about, and also strive to make a positive impact in their community. The world is changing, but, hopefully for the better, because according to Joe, “I don’t see a future for unsustainable business.”

On Conspiracy theories

When one is employed by a Government Agency to investigate people, places and events in order to learn the truth, they are called a Detective.

But when a private Citizen investigates people, places and events in an attempt to learn a truth that may have been withheld, they are called a “Conspiracy Theorist”

or worse; crazy.